RENTAL RATES - 8051XA Series Nohau Emulators

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XA Emulator Brochure    

In-Circuit Emulator Pod For Emulation RAM PART # Per Mo.
P51XAG3 to 16-MHz 256-K Internal/External RAM POD-51XAG3-256/IE-16 180
P51XAG3 to 30-MHz 256-K Internal/External RAM POD-51XAG3-256/IE-30 210
P51XAG3 to 30-MHz 1-Meg Internal/External RAM POD-51XAG3-1M/IE-30 230
P51XAG3 to 30-MHz 2-Meg Internal/External RAM POD-51XAG3-2M/IE-30 250

Real-Time Trigger & Trace Cards Trace Depth and Trigger Level PART # Per Mo.
For XA pods up to 20-MHz 128 K-frames, 8 Level EMUL51XA-PC/IETR-128-20 310

Communication Interface PART # Price $
PC ISA Slot Card EMUL-PC/LC-B 69
PC Parallel Port EMUL0PC/EPC 69

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