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68HC16 & 683xx Emulator Brochure   

Emulator Cards Motorola 68HC16 and 683xx Emulation MemoryPart # Price $
For Pods 68HCx16 & 3xx up to 16-MHz256K-Byte Emulation RAMEMUL16/300-PC/E256-161,610.00
For Pods 68HCx16 & 3xx up to 25-MHz256K-Byte Emulation RAMEMUL16/300-PC/E256-251,819.00
For Pods 68HCx16 & 3xx up to 16-MHz1-Meg-Byte Emulation RAMEMUL16/300-PC/E1M-162,099.00
For Pods 68HCx16 & 3xx up to 25-MHz1-Meg-Byte Emulation RAMEMUL16/300-PC/E1M-252,525.00

In-Circuit Pods Motorola 68HC16 and 683xx In-Circuit Pod ForPart # Price $
68HC16Y1 to 16-MHzPod, In-circuit, 256-K RAMPOD-16Y1/256-16 1,871
68HC16Z1/Z2 to 16-MHzPod, In-circuit, 256-K RAMPOD-16Z1/256-16 1,496
68331 to 16-MHzPod, In-circuit, 1-Meg/4-Banks RAMPOD-331/1M4B-161,871
68332 to 20-MHzPod, In-circuit, 256-K RAMPOD-332/256-201,647
68340 to 16-MHzPod, In-circuit, 1-Meg/4-Banks RAMPOD-340/1M4B-161,872

Real-Time Trigger & TraceTrace Depth & Max ClockPart # Price $
Motorola 68HC16 & 683xxTrace card, 32 K-frame, 16-MHz EMUL16/300-PC/TR32-162,475
Motorola 68HC16 & 683xxTrace Card, 128 K-frame, 16-MHz EMUL16/300-PC/DTR128-162,996

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